Is Texas Breaking Up the Big 12?

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Texas has the stick.  Notre Dame has the other stick and they are running the new landscape of college sports.

The moves they make matter.  The SEC, Big Ten, and Pac Ten want Texas.  I’m sure the Mountain West, Sun Belt, and the Southland wouldn’t turn the Horns away if they wanted in their conference.

Since Nebraska is bolting for the Big Ten they are leaving the impression Texas forced them to bolt.  Big bad Texas was running the Big 12 and they just couldn’t take it anymore.

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Kirk Bohls is a longtime writer in Austin and says wait a minute, don’t blame Texas:

There’s no question the Longhorns are the most powerful brand in the Big 12, but many outside of Nebraska and Missouri are casting Texas as anything but the bad guy.

Texas is not the villain here.

If anybody, it’s Nebraska and Missouri, because they’ve openly flirted with the Big Ten and made it clear they’d leave the Big 12 in an instant. Texas has steadfastly made it known it wants to preserve the status quo, and why shouldn’t it, when it rules the roost?

Maybe Texas could show good faith in the all-for-one department by agreeing to more equitable revenue sharing, but as one Big 12 athletic director told me, the other 11 schools agreed to this formula at the league’s inception, and it takes nine votes to change it.

Chip Brown of the

There’s zero doubt that the one person in the entire country that’s had the best knowledge of the conference realignment talk has been’s Chip Brown. Thursday morning, I  had on Brown to get the latest as he continued to spill more news about where BCS programs could wind up. Check out the 105.3 The Fan podcast CLICK HERE.

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