Irvin to Cowboys: Continue Search for QB of the Future, But Don't Reach

Tony Romo will be 36 when he rejoins the Cowboys next season

For obvious reasons, there’s been a lot of talk about the Dallas Cowboys’ need for a “quarterback of the future” in the five days since Tony Romo fractured his collarbone for the second time this season and the third time in his career.

But Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin is quick to point out (a) that finding that right quarterback is easier said than done, and (b) it’s not like the folks in the Cowboys’ personnel department just haven’t been looking at quarterbacks since Romo became the starter.

“We start making those statements--OK, right now you got to start doing it,” Irvin said, per the Dallas Morning News. “They've been looking for a replacement for Tony. Every team in the NFL is looking for a replacement for whatever quarterback they have. You can never have enough good quarterbacks. What do think they've been holding on to Weeden this long for? That's what they hoped he would develop into.”

For now, Irvin believes the Cowboys should focus on trying to cash in before Romo’s window closes--and he certainly doesn’t want to see his old team going into a draft reaching on a quarterback.

“So, yes it is time for us to continue to search because we found out the guys we have right now aren't the guys... I don't want us to take--you get a draft choice here--and you say, we got to find a replacement for Tony, and we go reach for a Sanchez or somebody like that with a draft choice instead of adding a player that can help, right now, win a Super Bowl?” Irvin said. “I want you to go find a replacement, but don't feel you have to reach for somebody, and miss out on adding a player you can add to the roster and do a lot of things with next year.”

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