Battle of Belt Line Brings Fun Rivalry Between Cedar Hill and DeSoto High Schools

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The Friday night football game at DeSoto High School is about one thing.

"These are the kids they run around with every day so it's for bragging rights if nothing else it's for bragging rights," DeSoto High Graduate Aimee Smart said.

Bragging rights for whoever wins the Battle of Belt Line.

Vince Sims

Because so much is on the line, tensions run high on and off the field.

“Desoto been talking trash since elementary,” Cedar Hill Senior Jada Rhodes said. “It's a must we beat them. This will make the fourth year in a row we are going up from here."

It's all friendly fun and that's what brings out the fans.

"I like to see the kids have fun,” Cedar Hill supporter Swanilla Griffin said. “The bands are going to go at it tonight."

Vince Sims

"It's just a big deal to us,” DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor said. “A lot of us are friends, we go to church together. We grew up together, but when we step on that field it's different."

Proctor even made a friendly wager with Cedar Hill Mayor Stephen Mason.

"Whoever loses has to wear the opposing team's jersey while making a donation to the Tri-City Animal Shelter," Proctor said.

"I think it actually gives credit to our region,” Cedar Hill Mayor Stephen Mason said. “A lot of talent comes from here Cedar Hill and DeSoto. It's special to make it competitive in all sports."

Vince Sims
DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor and Cedar Hill Mayor Stephen Mason at the Battle of Belt Line

Competition bringing two communities together.

"We're all community and we all feel we are the more dominant team and that makes that rivalry,” DeSoto fan Wayne Valentine said. “We talk about them. They talk about us. We come together and have a great time."

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