High School Football Coaches Lead Players With Message of Hope

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High school football coaches are often considered community leaders, and now, after the death of George Floyd, many coaches in North Texas are trying to lead their players with messages of hope.

“As a head coach, I think it’s our duty and responsibility to hear our young men and to be able to say okay, I hear you and see you,” said Cedar Hill football coach Carlos Lynn.

“We will navigate through this,” said Arlington Seguin football coach Joe Gordon. “I’m challenging my boys to be aware, to be alert, but at the same time to model love. Because when you have love, you have peace. And when you have peace, you can operate from what we call “PMA” -- positive mental attitude.”

A message of maintaining a positive mental attitude while having a difficult conversation that the coaches NBC 5 spoke to all agree needs to be had right now.

“This is the time when those discussions need to be had, where you can be rational and say okay, this is what I see and what I believe,” Lynn said. “If I’m right or wrong, let me know. But this is my perspective.”

Reshaping perspective, and hoping the future looks like:

“We are all walking a line together as one country, respected as one race of people representing love, and connecting on that and eliminating the idea that the color of your skin will cost you your life if you aren’t careful enough,” said Gordon.

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