Herm Edwards Thinks Manziel Could Use a Year Away from Football

Johnny Manziel's NFL future is awfully murky going into this offseason

As Johnny Manziel’s off-field concerns have grown both in number and severity over the past couple of months, the talk about the former Heisman winner coming to Dallas has died down to some degree. But one coach turned analyst believes Manziel could use an entire season away from the game.

ESPN’s Herm Edwards, who spent almost a decade as a player in the NFL before moving on to a coaching career, told Paul Finebaum on ESPN Radio this week that a step back is just what Johnny Football needs at the moment.

The guy has been blessed with some talent,” Edwards said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Right now, he's wasting his talent. I think he has to get his life in order. He has to look at himself in the mirror and say, 'Hey, I don't like that's looking back at me.' Until he can figure that out, he's gonna struggle trying to play football. If he has a substance problem, in my opinion, he needs to get some help and stay out of football for a whole year.

“Who cares? Get your life in order.

“Right now, you're going down a road ... you can't win that battle. When you're an athlete, you think you can beat anything. You compete. You're trying to compete against a substance problem, you can't win.”

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