Hamilton Says He's 100 Percent Pain Free

Josh Hamilton and "lock" or "guarantee" couldn't be any more synonymous, unless you're talking about a "lock" to spend some significant time on the disabled list.

So much so, in fact, that the Rangers went out and signed a former all-star shortstop in Ian Desmond to be their everyday left fielder — the spot Hamilton was supposed to occupy on the Rangers' roster with that injury caveat thrown in.

Hamilton's latest issue is, in fact, the same ol' issue, which is a bum knee that has now been surgically repaired three times since September. It's been sore, and that soreness hasn't left — until now, anyway.

Hamilton, in case you forgot, had a platelet-rich plasma injection at the onset of spring training, was on crutches for 10 days and has been sidelined ever since. But now, he's apparently ready to hit the field again and could be back as soon as Sunday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

"I felt the same way then," Hamilton told the Morning News. "But I think I did too much too fast. I've got to keep the reins under control, manage it a little bit better. Right now, there is no pain and I've got full function of the knee. It's just about staying the course and not getting to over excited or over anxious with it."

When he's ready to play in the big leagues is still up in the air. Initially, it was thought Hamilton would miss the opening month of the season. At this point, that'd be a best-case scenario and one that wouldn't allow for any setbacks. With Hamilton, it's always hard to have any expectations, but this seems to be a step in the right direction.

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