Biggest Packers Backer Lives in North Texas

When Glen Christensen made the cross country move from Green Bay, Wis., to Grapevine, he stayed faithful to his team.

"I'm born in Green, so I've got green and yellow blood in me," said Christensen.

For a Packers fanatic like him, having the Packers play in Super Bowl XLV in Arlington is a dream come true.

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Despite being in Texas, Christensen has one of the most extensive collections of Green Bay Packers memoribilia in the country including rare pieces that would leave any visitor in awe.

"This is actually a sideline coat from the Ice Bowl. It was worn by Jim Taylor," said Christensen. "It's one of my prized possessions."

When he talks about his artifacts, he beams.

He's got a piece of Lambeau Field in his memorabilia room, which he likes to call his "Packers Shrine."  He's also got a green wooden sideline bench from 1960's that shows the wear and tear players like Bart Starr put it through.

"It's got so much history in it. You can see on the corner of it the wood is all wore off from the players cleats," he said.

He has not just one, but several, Super Bowl rings.

"I've got the first Super Bowl ring that was ever produced. It was acquired from the family of the designer," said Christensen.

With so many vintage pieces, Christensen has also become somewhat of a Packers historian, a keeper of memories.

"He designed it for Vince Lombardi and he took it to Vince Lombardi and Vince said, 'I love the ring but get that green stone out of it! My boys deserve diamonds!' and I love that story. I'll always tell it," said Christensen.

He exudes passion for collecting the relics of his childhood. It's no wonder he became a collector of Packers memorabilia. The team is sort of a part of his family history.

"My mom was a first majorette with the Green Bay Pack Lumberjack band in 1939 through 1941, so she ended up giving me her programs and field passes and batons from those years," he said.

He hung those pieces on the wall and over the past 20 years his collection has grown tremendously.

The room is as much of a man-cave as it is a museum. Basking in it keeps Christensen's fondest memories very much alive.

"I'd sit outside by the gas pump in the cold and I'd listen for the roar of the stadium. That's the only way I knew what the score of the Packer game was and I could tell by the sound if they were winning or not," said Christensen. "So when I come up here, it just takes me back to those days."

"The oddity is that this incredible Packer collection which is, I'm told, one of the largest in the country, is 15 minutes away from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!" Christensen said laughing.

The dedicated Packers room also serves to create new memories for his Texas-born son.

"There's still things that I will walk in here and see that I haven't seen before," said Tom Christensen, Glen Christensen's son and the only one of this three children that was not born in Wisconsin.

The collection will be passed down to Tom.

"I would be very proud to get it. I hope to hand it down to my son someday," said Tom.

The icing on the cake this year is that the Packers are coming to North Texas for Super Bowl XLV. Father and son plan to be there.

"He's always promised me if the Packers are in the Super Bowl, we're going," said Tom.

"We are going to go one way or another. We don't have tickets yet, but if I have to drop through a hole in the roof, I'm going to do it!" said Christensen.

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