Globe Life Field Ready for Baseball, Fans

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If and when baseball will come to Globe Life Field this year is uncertain. But recent weeks have allowed for the finishing touches to be completed on the Ranger’s brand new facility.

“You are looking at the calendar and there were supposed to be games, that’s when it is disappointing,” Rob Matwick, Rangers Executive Vice President of Ballpark Operations, said.

Matwick said if there is a positive, it’s that work has been able to continue and staff have been able to study and fine-tune operations inside the park.

Major League Baseball is still sorting out what an abbreviated season could look like and that proposal would still need the approval of the MLB Players Association. Assuming a season is agreed upon, it remains possible fans will not be allowed inside ballparks for the duration of the 2020 season.

“I would not be surprised that if we are able to get going it would be without fans but I would hope at some point we could deliver an experience with guests in the building,” Matwick said.

In the meantime, the Rangers will welcome high school graduation ceremonies starting May 29. Through a partnership with the City of Arlington, staff will insure safety and social distancing procedures are followed.

“The opportunity that is created for these kids to come and do a traditional walk is super important for us,” Sean Decker, Rangers Executive Vice President of Sports & Entertainment said.

The Rangers will also being offering tours of Globe Life Field on June 1. For more on how to register click here.

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