Garrett Says a Lot, Not Enough About Hardy

When asked about the future of Greg Hardy with the Dallas Cowboys, the team for which Jason Garrett is the head coach, on Wednesday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, Garrett gave a pretty quick, telling response.

"Greg Hardy is a free agent."

That was it. Doesn't sound like a guy Garrett wants to bring back into the fold in 2016, does it?

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Just a couple of minutes prior to that, Garrett was asked by reporters at the combine if the team had decided who they want to bring back in free agency and who they want to cut loose. This was his response.

“We’re going to take our time here the next couple of weeks,” Garrett said. “There are a number of guys on our team that we absolutely want back. We know that. We’ll go through this process here through February in the early part of March leading up to the start of the new league year. We want a lot of those guys back on the football team. We know that.

“We haven’t gone through it — player by player evaluations — to come up with definitive answers for every one of them yet. When we get back from the combine, we’ll do that and continue to start to build our football team.”

Wouldn't you imagine Garrett and his staff would have an idea of who they want back and who they went sent walking so they have a good idea of who and what they want to evaluate at the combine this week? Makes pretty good sense to me.

We all know what this whole thing reeks of — Garrett wanting nothing to do with Hardy anymore, but knowing he doesn't have much of a say in the matter and definitely not the final say.

If you really want to know where the Cowboys stand on Hardy, I think we all know who will answer that question in what is just another example of how Jerry has his hand planted firmly up Garrett working the puppet like he's Jim Henson.

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