Garrett: Cassel Will Get More Comfortable, Better in Offense

Matt Cassel lost his first start as a Cowboy to the Giants on Sunday

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett acknowledged this week that not all three of Matt Cassel’s interceptions on Sunday afternoon were necessarily his fault. But he might have to wear the blame for them anyway.

“Matt’s played enough to understand that you can’t do those things and typically turnovers and takeaways are a collective thing, but ultimately when you are a quarterback you have the responsibility,” Garrett said, per ESPN Dallas. “And Matt knows that better than anybody else. Stand up, be accountable for it, and keep moving forward.”

The good news is the Cowboys believe Cassel will only get better with experience in the system. After all, it’s been a little over a month since he was acquired, and it’s not like his debut on Sunday was completely without bright spots. His touchdown pass to Devin Street to tie the game, before Dwayne Harris ruined everything, was a thing of beauty.

“I would say this, though, the comfort level in this system playing in games helps players,” Garrett said. “The experience that he had within the system and the nuances of playing with particular guys, sometimes those things show up when you don’t have the opportunity to do that in practice and in game situations. That applies to all positions and it probably applies to the quarterback position more than any other. We’ll work through those things, and some of the things that happened in the game that might have been a result of that, we’ll learn from as we go forward.”

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