Fort Worth Baby Caught In Family Feud: Cowboys or Packers?

He’s only 6 months old, but already Cooper Roye has a big decision to make.

Silver and Blue or Green and Yellow?

“He’s going for the Star,” said Cooper’s mother Ashley Roye, a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan.

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Cowtown Marathon Preparing for Biggest Turnout in 5 Years

“No, he’s a daddy’s boy, so he’s going to be a Packers fan,” insists Cooper’s father Nate Roye, who along with his father and the rest of his family, backs the Green Bay Packers.

The Fort Worth couple will be at Sunday’s game, sitting side by side in different team jerseys.

“The hardest time that I have is with his dad," Ashley said, “He likes to give me a hard time, he likes to give me the most grief, him and his dad, every time the Cowboys play, if they lose, first person to call us is his dad."

Even Cooper’s 6-year-old brother, CJ, is a Packers fan.

“First I was a Cowboys fan, now I’m a Packers fan because my daddy switched me," CJ said.

Ashley hopes to even the score Sunday afternoon, when a Cowboys victory might clinch Cooper’s support.

“He’s going to be my boy, for the Cowboys for sure,” Ashley said.

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