Former Falcon : “To Beat Their Heads in Would be Nice”

Cowboys linebacker and former Atlanta Falcons player Keith Brooking is excited to play his old team.

Brooking played 11 seasons with Atlanta and says he looks forward to returning in a Cowboys uniform. "I have a lot of history there. I mean, there's people in that organization that mean a great deal to me so to beat their heads in would be nice." Brooking made the tongue in cheek comments earlier in the week.

Brooking has become a team leader and knows Sunday's game could be the key to a successful season. "I'm just gonna enjoy. I'm gonna go out there try to help our football team win and get to 4-2. And it's not about me playing my former team, it's about the Cowboys winning a big game game against a very good opponent and create some momentum after a bye week."

The Cowboys (3-2) play the Falcons (4-1) Sunday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium.

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