Former Agent Offers “Fair Contract Solution” For Bryant, Cowboys

The Cowboys have until July 15 to get Dez Bryant a long-term deal

About 20 days remain before the July 15 deadline for the Cowboys to get a long-term deal with Dez Bryant done and, as far as anyone knows, there’s been no progress toward an agreement between the two sides.

So what would be a fair deal?

Former agent Joel Corry was recently asked that question, and he took to to lay out his response. It’s an interesting read, if you’re interested in the business side of football, with each side’s approach--and the reasons we’re currently at an impasse--more or less laid out in clear terms.

Basically, Corry insists that both sides must make certain concessions.

Bryant has to concede that he won’t be better paid than the highest paid receiver in the league, Calvin Johnson--not because he doesn’t have the potential to be as good or better than Megatron (that’s not the argument here) but because Megatron had a lot more leverage in 2012 than Bryant has now.

The Cowboys must concede that they’re not going to be able to sign Bryant to a long and very team-friendly contract of the sort Tyron Smith got.

In the end, Corry suggests a five-year deal for Bryant worth $71.25 million, with more than $36 million in guaranteed money.

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