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FC Dallas Reveals Community Kit Jersey for Upcoming Season

The schedule is set to start on April 17

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FC Dallas

FC Dallas revealed a new jersey Tuesday to honor North Texas' rich soccer history and their ecstatic fans.

The new kit is powder blue and features bold blue and red details. On the front are designs that represent the colors of both FC Dallas and the Texas state flag.

"I like that it's a change from the traditional all-white kit. It's different. It stands out and the different colors represent the different personalities on our team," said midfielder Paxton Pomykal.

The powder blue base is a tribute to honor the Dallas Tornados, a North American Soccer League team founded by the late Lamar Hunt whose family owns and runs FC Dallas.

"The light blue is sick. I've never worn light blue in my entire career. This is completely different. Different from anything I've seen before and I love it," said defender Eddie Munjoma

They honor Hunt for his passion and excitement for soccer and having the vision to launch soccer in Dallas and Fort Worth.

"The kit itself is youthful, bold and clean," said FC Dallas President Dan Hunt. "From our commitment to developing homegrown talent to being Texas' original MLS team, we're proud to be doing this in North Texas and even more proud to have fans across the Metroplex support our club."

FC Dallas fans can virtually try on the Community Kit by uploading a photo of themselves at https://fcdallas.mavq.ai/community.

The other Community Kit highlights are:

  • The Texas state flag displayed on the back neckline of the jersey, signifying FC Dallas' legacy as the original MLS team of Texas.
  • The LH patch remains at the base of the left hem on the front of the jersey. This symbolic placement honors Lamar Hunt's legacy as a pioneer of professional soccer in the United States through his involvement locally with the Tornado and FC Dallas. He was also a driving force behind the birth of MLS.
  • The jersey's collar features a blue neckband highlighted by a red stripe.
  • FC Dallas recently announced that Frisco-based MTX Group will serve as the club's front-of-jersey partner. Their logo is displayed across the chest of the jersey in blue text.

FC Dallas' new jersey partner, MTX, will be celebrating FC Dallas fans by giving away one Legacy and one Community Kit for each home and road game for 34 jerseys total.

To buy the Community Kit, fans can purchase it online at http://FCDFanShop.com.

FC Dallas is also offering a deal to get a Community Kit for half the price with FC Dallas season ticket membership. To learn more visit, http://FCDMembership.com

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