Fans React to Cowboys Loss to Philadelphia

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The Dallas Cowboys no longer control their own destiny.  In order to make the playoffs, they must win next week, and the Philadelphia Eagles need to lose.  The Cowboys loss to Philadelphia put them in this position. The Cowboys were the topic this morning on 105.3 the Fan, and Dallas Cowboys Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones called in.

“Obviously, very disappointing with what went down yesterday, and you know, expected us to you know play a lot better than we did and especially with what was on the line. You know, it’s just unfortunately, it’s been the kind of the narrative for our season this year,” said Cowboys Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones.

Fans are disappointed too.

“It was disappointing. You know they have got a great roster, great team, great talent, but it was just disappointing they didn’t do better this year, so we were hoping they would have a great year,” said Manny Molera of McKinney.

Molera said he likes Coach Jason Garrett, but the broader system needs fundamental changes. His son has a different viewpoint.

“I think it’s time for a change. Garrett has been here for a while and I feel like it is the same result every year.  Whether it is going eight and eight or going nine and seven and exiting you know in the first and second round of the playoffs,” said John Molera of McKinney.

But with a chance to still make the playoffs, fans remain hopeful heading into next week.

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“This is our team. This is the pride and joy of Texas. Cowboys represent us,” said Ginny Evans of Savannah, Texas.

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