Zen and the Art of Being Mike Leach

Zen is the only way I can describe the architect of a passing attack that has averaged 5,094 yards per season over the last four years. So what's the secret behind his offensive genius and swashbuckling ways? Acupuncture.

In the last few years, the Texas Tech head coach also has cut out smokeless tobacco and, of more comfort perhaps, mostly freed himself from asthma's grip..."Went for asthma. I felt like it helped asthma," Leach said. "To stop dipping, I thought it worked great. I mean literally, right then, right there. You go (for treatments) three or four days straight and you're done." Leach, who will stop throwing the football before he stops talking with his hands, gestured high and low on his body to point out spots where he's been pricked with acupuncture needles.

Just about everywhere, an onlooker deduced.

"Yeah, pretty much," Leach said. "Well, I've seen that chart there, and I damn sure haven't had them where the chart suggests some of them go. They definitely put them places where I haven't had a necessity to dabble in."

I haven't seen that chart, and after reading that I'm not sure I want to. There's just some places a man shouldn't be poked. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, being open to new ideas has obviously helped him devise one of the nastiest passing attacks in the country and kick quite a few bad habits. If he could get the rest of the coaching staff over their fear of needles, he might be on to something.

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