Tony Romo Karma Train Watch: Our Guess Is a 17-Point Deficit Will Get Him in the Game

Okay, we've been reporting for the last 12 hours that Tony Romo will not start. And, sure enough, he's not starting. Brad Johnson is running the Sweet Ship Cowboy, and he's headed straight into an iceberg, replete with Jerry Jones' ugly Botox-looking mug carved into the face.

So the question is, how long until we see Romo? The Rams are currently pounding the 'Boys 21-7 behind a pair of Steven Jackson touchdowns and Marc Bulger's perfect (3-for-3, touchdown) day.

Johnson has been a little less perfect, going 2-for-6 with an interception. Jones is, by all accounts, doing some cartoon thing in the owner's box with steam coming out of his ears. Wade Phillips is pouting, natch.

Now, it would make sense to give Johnson until the end of the half to warm up his old bones, but they might not have that long. See, not sure if you've heard, but Jones is a little short of the fuse, and Terrell Owens isn't exactly happy these days. (Really, the only Cowboy who is comfortable is Roy Williams, because no matter what happens, he's not in Detroit.)

In that vein, we here at FanHouse are going to put a -17 spread on the Romo Watch for the immediate moment. If the Boys cough up any more points without actually scoring, you best believe his widdle pinkie finger is going to be gripping off-lace and slinging balls like Roy slings pizza.

And yes, for the record, if Romo comes into the game, he's a mortal lock for a career-ending injury.

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Lo and behold, we've got a Dallas fumble! It's under review but it could set up Romo Time. Put your picks for time of entry for Romo in the comments.

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