The Big 12 Needs A New TV Deal

I'd love to tell you all about the quintuple overtime game between Baylor and Texas A&M. I can tell you that Baylor finally prevailed 116-110 in College Station. I can't, however, tell you about the action. Very, very few can.

Somehow, this game never made it to real television. Somehow a battle between #25 Baylor and #18 Texas A&M was not on any -- any -- TV. No cable network stepped in and thought, this might be a game worth showing. Instead, it was only on radio, or video streamed through the Texas A&M website (and if you lived outside of Texas, you had to pay).

That no Texas cable affiliate, no regional sports network, didn't realize that this game was not televised and try to pick it up is stunning. That the Big 12 Conference would have its conference games not appear on some sort of television broadcast is incompetent. I realize football is king in the conference, but it's not like this was some meaningless patsy non-con game. How do they not have a TV contract that has all of their conference games being televised somewhere? At the very least, considering Texas A&M was a preseason top-25 team, how can one of their home games not appear anywhere?

Someone in the Big 12 is going to have to explain this.

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