Sooners Stabbed on a Saturday Night

Come on, say it with me: Nothing good ever happens to athletes after 2 am. We hear it all the time and it's always because something bad has happened. This time some four hours after Oklahoma had kicked the crap out of a 1-AA team, the bad things went down.

University of Oklahoma basketball player Ray Willis and football player Frank Alexander were stabbed over the weekend during a melee that involved guns, knives and tire irons, multiple sources have confirmed to The Oklahoman.

Both Willis and Alexander are expected to make full recoveries.

About 2:32 a.m. Sunday, Norman police responded to an altercation that erupted into a melee during a private party at Serenade, also known as Sooner Knights, located at 1309 SW 24th Ave. in Norman.

The two Sooners were invited guests of the private party. The attackers were apparently trying to crash the party -- one way or another.

The good news for both, is that despite being stabbed and Willis even having a collapsed lung, they only sustained minor injuries. Their judgment, however, should be questioned. Willis is a freshman and Alexander is a redshirt freshman. What were they doing at a private party at a club at that point and who thought it was a good idea to invite them?

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