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Chris Paul is overrated. Not in a "he's really not that good of a player" kind of way, because he absolutely is that good, even if I'm not a fan. But anytime the guy does anything remotely above average, the NBA world stops to bow down and worship at his altar.

Exhibit A: that bounce through Jason Terry's legs that Paul pulled off on Thursday night.

I realize that there are only two games on Thursday nights due to TNT's exclusive deal, and that even though they always look good on paper, the games end up being blowouts. But does that mean that one relatively routine highlight has to get described as potentially the greatest play in the history of the NBA? Please. Someone get Tyson Chandler a Magic Johnson highlight reel, ASAP.

Watch the replay again (like we we haven't seen it 1,000 times already) and tell me that Steve Nash, Deron Williams, or even Jason Kidd (six years ago when he could still play) wouldn't have done the exact same thing in that situation. Terry is directly in front of Paul, legs spread as wide as [redacted]. If Paul wants to continue the fast break, bouncing the ball right through the defender's legs is the only option at that point. Otherwise, he has to run him over and pick up an offensive foul.

A nice play by one of the league's top point guards, sure. But that's all -- nothing more. And if a 37-year-old, seven-foot tall, 350-pound Shaquille O'Neal can do the exact same thing, sorry: the degree of difficulty just can't be that high.


Carmelo Anthony presumably showed the world that all is well with his relationship with George Karl. That one-game suspension sure showed him! 'Melo not only willingly comes out of the game when asked now, but he runs full-speed the length of the court to do so -- what a good soldier! What a great teammate! There will be no more insubordination here!

Unless you consider showing up your head coach in a game that's being nationally televised insubordination, that is.

Come on, people. Does anyone really believe that 'Melo learned his lesson? He was clearly making light of the situation -- one which, by the way, he never even apologized for, either publicly or privately. And it's a lot easier to laugh off a suspension when you return to score 38 in a win than it is if you're having an off night and your coach yanks you again.

Let's see what happens the next time Denver is losing to a lottery team, Anthony's not playing well, and Karl gives him the hook. I seriously doubt we'll see 'Melo joyfully sprinting to the bench to abide by his coach's decision then.


Amar'e Stoudemire, it was learned, will not be back for a potential Suns' playoff run, as it was hoped when the initial announcement of his eye surgery came down. This is sad news for Amar'e, especially with the team's turmoil this season which was (for a while) placed unjustly on his shoulders in the form of the team looking to deal him out of town for nothing close to equal value.

While this is an update that Stoudemire will require additional time for his eye to heal, it's not exactly relevant to this season, right? I mean, when the news of the injury first came out, did anyone really think the Suns were making the playoffs?

Come on, now. Suns' fans seem to be happy that their team is fun to watch again, but wins and losses apparently don't matter. As long as the team doesn't play a lick of defense, they're just not going to win many games. Phoenix allowed the Heat -- who average 97.5 points per game (good for just 21st in the league) -- to get 135. Seriously?

"But the Suns scored 129!" exclaim the team's fans. Great, glad you had fun watching. Enjoy the show -- and the losing.

The Suns weren't making the playoffs at the time Stoudemire's injury was first announced, and they're in no position to make the playoffs now.

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