On Deck: Rays of Light

On Deck is FanHouse's look at the day's most intriguing baseball matchups.

Tampa Bay Rays (74-47) at Texas Rangers (61-62) 8:05 PM ET

It's time to face facts, boys and girls: The Tampa Bay Rays aren't going away. They lose Carl Crawford. They lose Evan Longoria. They lose Troy Percival. Those are their two best hitters and their closer. Does it matter? No. They just keep on winning ... three out of four since both Crawford and Longoria have been out of the lineup. This team will be a team to watch not only tonight, but all this week, as they visit the Angels and then host the White Sox after this Texas series ends. It's a tough go without three of their best players, but the way the Rays have gone, doubt them at your own risk.

Toronto Blue Jays (62-60) at Boston Red Sox (71-51) - 7:05 PM ET

The team chasing Tampa has called in the reinforcements, and that reinforcement starts today as the Paul Byrd era begins in Boston. Here's one of those oddities of life: Toronto is the team he has done the best against in his career: Lifetime, he has a 0.89 WHIP and a 2.86 ERA. The only team Byrd has had a lower ERA against? Cleveland. Is this useful information? Probably not. Is this spooky information? I'd prefer to think so.

Milwaukee Brewers (70-53) at Los Angeles Dodgers (63-59) - 10:10 PM ET

A sweep of the Phillies and a win against Milwaukee last night has given the Dodgers a five game win streak, and a 10-5 record since the Manny Ramirez trade. However, Manny only has one hit in the two games since cutting his hair. Meanwhile, the Brewers have dropped their last two since going on their eight game tear in response to the Prince Fielder/Manny Parra altercation.

Everyone else:

  • Royals at Yankees 1:05 ET
  • Angels at Indians 3:55 ET
  • Mariners at Twins 3:55 ET
  • White Sox at Athletics 3:55 ET
  • Orioles at Tigers 7:05 ET
  • Mets at Pirates 7:05 ET
  • Diamondbacks at Astros 7:05 ET
  • Rockies at Nationals 7:10 ET
  • Cardinals at Reds 7:10 ET
  • Giants at Braves 7:10 ET
  • Cubs at Marlins 7:10 ET
  • Phillies at Padres 10:05 ET

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