Omar Vizquel: Anaconda Hunter

When it comes to playing shortstop, there haven't been very many in the game who did a better job of catching the baseball throughout their career than Omar Vizquel. There's a reason the man has won 11 Gold Gloves in his career, after all. So how does he do it?

Well, a lot of baseball players spend their offseasons relaxing and recovering, while working out just to stay in shape. Some don't do anything and wait until the last minute before Spring Training to get ready for the long season. Then there's Omar Vizquel, who spends his offseason utilizing his ability to catch things, things like anacondas.

Omar Vizquel went to Venezuela this winter and caught an anaconda. If that is on your bucket list, pay attention.

"This thing is 11 or 12 feet long," Vizquel said. "You've got to find the tail and pull it out of the water and bring it to safe territory. It is dangerous in and out of the water, but you have to maneuver yourself to stay behind it. Once you're behind it, you grab it by the back of the neck.

"It's a fun thing."

I'm sure it is fun, Omar, but I'm going to stick to safer hobbies like wrestling grizzly bears or outrunning a pride of lions. I get just as much of a rush, and I stay in shape for the long hard blogging season.

Also, now that you're a Ranger and expected to help mentor young Elvis Andrus, I'm pretty sure the organization would prefer you left the anaconda hunting trips out of Andrus' spring itinerary. Take Bruce Bochy instead.

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