Old School: Jefferson Starship Says Hook ‘Em

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You know what gets me fired up? Jefferson Starship.

If you've ever wondered what people put in recruiting videos before the advent of things like "Mama Said Knock You Out" and other rap songs that don't feature parent-irritating explicit lyrics, now you know. If you're thinking "boy, I bet this backfired spectacularly," you're way right. After a surprising 10-2 1990 season, the recruits lured in by the promise of "still having each other" if the "world runs out of lovers" went 5-6 and forced the resignation of Texas coach David McWilliams. As juniors and seniors the Starship Era recruits would go 12-9-1.

Moral of the story: keep Grace Slick away from your football team. Not that this wasn't already totally obvious.

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