Oklahoma Does Not Appreciate Slander

Oh message boards, you bastions of unmitigated insanity. If journalistic integrity was flavor, newspapers would be filet mignon, blogs would be roast beef, and message boards would be that squirrel festering on the side of the road for the past week.

Nowhere has that been writ more large than on Nebraska fan sites, where one fan finds himself in the deepest of trouble for--oops!--concocting a total lie about Oklahoma players slanging that yay:

The father of an Oklahoma quarterback says he plans legal action against a Nebraska football fan who posted a bogus story on an Internet message board claiming two Sooners had been arrested on cocaine distribution charges.

[James] Conradt allegedly lifted a template off The Oklahoman's Web site, wrote and pasted a bogus story about the arrest and posted it on a message board.

Was that wrong? Should James not have done that?

[Oklahoma QB] Landry [Jones]'s father, Kevin Jones, indicated Conradt's apology may not be enough.

"I'm going to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law," Jones said. "I've got deep enough pockets to do it."

Without knowing a single thing about Conradt, I'll just say this--there's probably not much a lawyer can extract from someone who spends his time trying to rile up rival fans on an anonymous message board. I never read Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, but I'm relatively sure "posting drug rumors about your least favorite team on the Internet" is nowhere to be found.

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Anyway, rough stuff, Mr. Conradt. Next time, maybe you'll learn the power of disclaimers--that is, if you're not too busy selling grenades and terrorist drugs to handicapped orphans*!

*We mean this as satire and it should not be taken seriously. You see? Disclaimers = little italic gold mines!

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