NBA Essentials: Greg Oden's Anxious Mind

NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. The Oregonian. This is the must-read of the weekend: Greg Oden, under pressure.

2. Blazers Edge.
... and Portland's preeminent basketball mind helps Oden get his head in order.

3. Basketball Prospectus. This Kevin Pelton piece on the meaning of preseason stats is a week old, but way relevant as we wind down the exhibition season.

4. Indy Cornrows.
Rick Carlisle discovered early that he wouldn't be getting Mark Cuban to go sit in a suite during games.

5. Hardwood Paroxysm. LeBron has terrifying bowling mechanics.

6. Solobasket. Lithuanian power Zalgiris Kaunas is having financial troubles, causing top players and a coach to leave. Also, Zalgiris center Loren Woods is running around clapping opponents in the head. A truly surreal fight sequence.

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