Most Likely to Be Interviewed on Larry King Live: Josh Howard

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Josh Howard his YouTube appearance

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The training camp apology was only Step No. 1 in the resurrection of Howard's reputation. The season is only nominally about basketball for the star forward: the central goal is to atone for the sins of ill-timed humor. If this means pretending you've heard of Barbara Walters and appearing on The View, fine. If this means wearing a flag lapel pin on your warmups, fine. If it means you spend every quarter intermission of the home opener waving a 60-foot American flag, then that is what it takes.

The masterstroke of this plan, though: appearing for a one-on-one interview on Larry King Live. Anyone who needs to rebuild their brand must receive the call from King's producers. Everything else is just a precursor, just preparation. Just pray the appearance doesn't come through on a day Kathy Griffin is guest-hosting, or on a Monday, when King is still awake and alert. (He nods off by Wednesday and is replaced by an animatronic.) This one interview could seal Howard's new identity as Captain America for a New Age. Don't blow it, man.

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