Monday Morning Coffee: Outbreak Monkey

Start your work week off right with Monday Morning Coffee, where Fanhouse scours YouTube for the finest college football footage available. Either that or we give up after a couple minutes and just post the "I Like Turtles" kid.

For all the insanity that dominated the 2007 college football season, one could reasonably point out that the avalanche of chaos didn't really begin with Appalachian State's win over Michigan, but rather eight months earlier in the Fiesta Bowl. It was there that Adrian Peterson and Oklahoma were toppled in a game with a story arc that only a child could find plausible. We chose this version of the highlights for the music, which is only the second time (first: Arrested Development(pops to audio)) in which it's been used perfectly. Enjoy.

How can you not love that? Except if you're a Sooner fan, of course.

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