Monday Morning Coffee: Keith Jackson and Keith Jackson

Start your work week off right with Monday Morning Coffee, where Fanhouse scours YouTube for the finest college football footage available. Either that or we give up after a couple minutes and just post the "I Like Turtles" kid.

College football fans who hadn't seen the 1985 Oklahoma-Nebraska game would have been mildly surprised to see an easy 27-7 victory for the Sooners (Nebraska's only score came on a fumble return in the last minute of play). They would have been even more surprised to see the following notation in the scoring summary:

TD: K. Jackson 88 yd run

Jackson, of course, is a tight end, and 99% of the time, the only way they're running 88 yards is if they slept through class and the head coach is exacting punishment. But this is all-everything TE Keith Jackson, and this is the best tight end reverse in the play's brief but beautiful history. We do not recommend this trying this at home with your team's tight end.

Yes, that was also Keith Jackson calling the play. The odds of the two Keiths being related are about negative a billion percent.

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