Monday Morning Coffee: Do They Give Oscars for YouTube Videos?

Barry Sanders, as we're all well aware, was an absolutely transcendent talent at tailback. As great as it was seeing him juke NFL linebackers and safeties out of their jocks, it was even better when he was running against vastly inferior competition at the college level.

One helpful YouTube user, in fact, has combined footage from both Barry's college and pro careers. You'll notice that Barry's college highlights are quite a bit longer, if not as numerous--it's a lot harder to turn a spin move into a 40-yard TD in the NFL, after all.

Oh, you'll also miss the greatest soundtrack selection for a football highlight reel in history. When you think Barry Sanders, you don't necessarily make the jump to these guys. But that's what art does. It takes risks. For those purely interested in NCAA content, the NFL stuff starts at 1:48. You'll probably stop watching long before then, though, so mesmerized will you be by the music.

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(I promise it's not a RickRoll, by the way. It's so much worse.)

Any commentary I make about the preceding video would only serve to A) ruin the surprise, and B) cheapen what you just experienced. That. Just. Happened.

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