Josh Hamilton Kicks Another Addiction

The battles Josh Hamilton has fought in his personal life have been well documented over the last year. After failing in Tampa Bay, Hamilton found himself out of baseball and addicted to crack and cocaine along with alcohol. Then he found God and quit all three before ending up in Cincinnati and then being traded to the Rangers before last season.

Hamilton's year in Texas was pretty memorable, he did hit .304/.371/.530 with 32 homers and 130 RBI, but he'll be remembered for his performance during the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium more than anything else. Well, since Josh has seen the rewards of getting over his addictions, he's decided to tackle another one this season. He's no longer chewing tobacco.

"I started doing it when I started doing everything else," Hamilton said the other day.

Hamilton knew he'd eventually quit when his daughter Julia, 7, started regularly asking him to do it about a year ago.

"You know it's bad when your 3-year-old holds up a water bottle, and asks if daddy spit in this before she drinks out of it," said Hamilton, referring to his daughter Sierra. "That's when you know it's a problem."

There are other things you can do, or signs that you might encounter, that would lead you to believe that something's become a problem, but this is a family blog, so I won't say what they are here. Just look at Bob Saget's performance in the movie "Half Baked" for an idea.

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