Josh Hamilton Impersonates Roy Hobbs, Then Watches Him on TV

Whatever you think about the incessant discussion about Josh Hamilton's comeback from drug addiction, there's no doubting that it's like something out of a movie. And when you're talking baseball movies about improbable comebacks, it doesn't take Roger Ebert to know that you're talking about "Ed." I kid, I kid, you're talking about "The Natural."

Hamilton turned on the TV the morning after the Home Run Derby and, fittingly, he saw Roy Hobbs was just a few minutes away from hitting his final home run. That's when Hamilton's own movie script intervened.

That was when he heard a knock on his door. It was the person charged with administering his regular drug test. Hamilton, a former drug abuser, provides a urine sample every third day under his agreement with Major League Baseball.

"Man, you've got to hold on," Hamilton told him. "We've got to watch this."

So the tester sat down and the pair finished watching the movie. "Then I did my business," he said.

Couldn't you just see that as the last scene of the movie about Hamilton's life? The two men sitting on the edge of a bed in a hotel room as the music swells, offering one last reminder that Hamilton will never ever truly escape his past just as Hobbs's bleeding stomach does the same on the TV.

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