Jason Kidd Drops Nike for Chinese Sneakers

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd may have already given away his gold medal, but that doesn't mean he's coming home from Beijing empty-handed.

After taking care of business on the basketball court, he held a press conference announcing that he signed with Peak, a Chinese company, to endorse their shoes. Kidd previously endorsed Nike, and before anyone suggests his new kicks are inferior, realize that they're probably made in the exact same sweatshop.

Kidd joins a handful players in the NBA endorsing foreign kicks, most notably including several Rockets cashing in on Houston's Yao-inspired popularity in China. Even without knowing how much Kidd's new deal is worth, this looks like a savvy business move.

Kidd still has a ton of name value (especially on the international level after winning two gold medals), but his popularity and marketability among young Americans has waned as the next generation of stud point guards like Chris Paul and Deron Williams (and soon, Derrick Rose) have taken over. But if Damon Jones taught us anything, it's that fans in China are quite as concerned about things as minor as "talent" or "production" or even "playing time."

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