Holy Freaking Hell, There's a Running Back Named ‘Foswhitt Whittaker'

Bloggers who fancy themselves purveyors of All Name Teams, be alerted that you have a new starting running back: Texas redshirt freshman Foswhitt "Fozzy" Whittaker. (You have no idea how difficult it was to only have two quote marks in that last sentence.)

Mr. Whittaker is one of only two I-A players named after a muppet--TCU's Mrspiggy Sullivan is the other*--and had a stellar debut against UTEP and their... er... frisky fans, rushing for 72 yards on 12 carries and revitalizing a previously moribund UT ground game.

He promises four full years of people saying "no, seriously, what's his real name" and possibly some long gains for Texas or whatever, but who cares? He is a muppet running back. He is full of win.

*(This person obviously does not exist or you would have heard of him already. There would have been a parade.)

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