Eddie Guardado Is the New Rangers Closer

As you just saw in the previous post from Eazy E, Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson found himself in a bit of hot water with his manager Ron Washington after tossing the ball to him after giving up a grand slam instead of handing it to him. Little did C.J. realize at the time, but it could be the last time he tosses the ball in frustration to his manager after giving up a homer as the closer for the Rangers.

That's because Wilson was placed on the disabled list with bone spurs in his elbow yesterday, and now Eddie Guardado will be taking over the role.

"Now, being in the ninth inning, there's pressure," Guardado said. "In the eighth, you know there's someone behind you who can pick you up if you do fall. Now, in the ninth, there's nobody behind you, so you have to shut the door."

Guardado, 37, is a closer for the first time since 2006, when he was traded to Cincinnati. He had 36 saves for Seattle in 2005 and compiled 86 for Minnesota in 2002 and 2003.

While right now the plan is for Guardado to only fill in for Wilson while he's on the disabled list, there are some people in Texas who would like this move to be permanent. Wilson has blown four of his 28 save opportunities this season, but more alarming than that are the 35 runs and eight homers he's allowed in 46 1/3 innings of work this season.

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