Earl Campbell Wrecks Fools, Defenders, and Apparently Other Cars

Former Texas Longhorn and Heisman Trophy-winning tailback Early Campbell was involved in an auto wreck Sunday. There's not much else we can add, but they say he's a-ok:

Campbell, a Heisman Trophy-winning running back for the Texas Longhorns before a Hall of Fame career in the NFL, was driving eastbound on Interstate 20 near Tyler when his car left the road about 1 p.m. Sunday, according to the Smith County sheriff's office. An ambulance took Campbell to a Tyler hospital.

An assistant to Campbell told the American-Statesman that the 52-year-old has returned to Austin, is doing well and plans to participate in activities when the Heisman Winners Association meets here beginning Thursday night.

This is one of those sad moments in life where fantasy collides with reality. Campbell was famous for trucking and plowing over the gnat-like presence of defenders during his college and NFL career. Automobiles, however, can do a bit more damage than the seemingly indestructible Campbell. I'm recalling something about force, mass and acceleration and middle school science here.

At least he's alright.

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