Bobby Knight Calls It Quits

No one has any details but it is going across the ESPN News crawl . Texas Tech Coach Bobby Knight has resigned.

A spokesman for Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers says men's basketball coach Bob Knight has resigned, effective immediately.

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The play-calling crew on the Louisville-Marquette suggested hitting the site for more info. That was it? Right. Thanks for clearing that up.

On the court it means that his son, Pat, will take over as the head coach. Pat Knight was previously designated as the coach-in-waiting for the Red Raiders.

Stunning. I never thought that Bob Knight would ever quit in the middle of a season. Even if he seemed rather disinterested this season. He got past win #900 and that was enough.

All that is known, is that Bob Knight told the Texas Tech AD this morning that he was resigning. Since there is no information as to the why, expect speculation to run rampant. Resigning in the middle of the conference schedule, and without warning will do that.

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