Bob Knight on TV? John Feinstein Says It Can Work — If Knight Can Tolerate Producers

Bob Knight quit as the Texas Tech basketball coach this week, but what will he do next? The man who may know Knight better than any member of the media, Season on the Brink author John Feinstein, said on Jim Rome's show that television could be next up for Knight:

"I can see him doing television. He used to tell me all the time about how good he would be at television," Feinstein said. "And he would be pretty good. Although I don't see Bob doing terribly well with a 29-year-old producer in a production meeting saying, 'Coach, we think the key to this game tonight is this, and we've built this graphic for you.' I don't see him responding terribly well to that."

So what Feinstein is saying is that Knight would be great when it comes to the Xs and Os of breaking down the game of basketball, but horrible when it comes to his people skills? Imagine that.

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