Bob Knight, Like Rudy Giuliani, Answers His Phone When He's Making a Speech

While giving a speech in April, former Indiana and Texas Tech coach Bob Knight's phone rang. So he answered it and had a profane conversation (with Knight, is there any other kind?) in front of everyone in attendance:

That video, which I first saw when FanHouse's Chas Rich posted it last month, has been getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere lately, at places like Meaningful Collateral and Deadspin. But I'm surprised no one has drawn the obvious political parallel.

There was a brief kerfuffle early in the presidential campaign when Rudy Giuliani answered his cell phone while giving a speech to the NRA. The Giuliani campaign tried to spin it as evidence that he's a dedicated family man -- the call was from his wife -- but it was painted by many as a sign that Giuliani is arrogant, aloof and much more concerned about his own time than the time of those around him.

I'll leave it to the political pundits to determine whether that's true of Giuliani, but I'd certainly say that describes Knight.

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