Bob Knight Goes to ESPN

John Feinstein called it shortly after Bob Knight's retirement resignation. Bob Knight is heading to TV. Bob Knight has chosen to take an analyst gig at ESPN just in time for March.

That Knight would be sought after for March and college basketball punditry, in general, is no surprise. Given the nature of the TV media coverage it would be either ESPN or CBS. Beyond simply the money, ESPN was the obvious choice. Given Knight's stormy relations with much of the media, he has been on very good terms with ESPN personalities. From the late Dick Schaap, to the present ex-coaches and players at ESPN there was a better comfort level.

[ESPN's executive vice president for production, Norby] Williamson said Knight's relationships with ESPN commentators such as Dick Vitale and Digger Phelps helped make him comfortable with the idea of joining the network. "This isn't just a few token appearances; Knight will work a packed schedule for ESPN. He's the type of person who wouldn't do it any other way," Williamson said.

Knight will start working during the ESPN "Championship Week" (the conference tournaments -- that Knight hated as a coach) and the sundry "Selection Sunday" specials ESPN will have the entire day.

No word on who ESPN has hired to work the 7 second delay and bleep button.

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