BCS National Championship Game: FOX Praises Tim Tebow for Taunting Sooners

As long as the media is turning today into the official Tim Tebow Hagiography Day, we ought to at least acknowledge that this was a bush league move:

That was Tebow doing the Gator Chomp directly in the face of Sooners safety Nick Harris after Tebow picked up a first down late in the fourth quarter. It was a clear violation of college football rules, and the officials correctly penalized him for it.

The FOX announcers, who absolutely embarrassed themselves with the way they worshiped at the Tebow altar, were just as ridiculous as you'd expect them to be. Thom Brennaman said, "That might be the first thing he's ever done wrong in his life."

Brennaman's partner, Charles Davis, was even worse: He tried to excuse Tebow's behavior by saying, "he was backing away, which is good." Uh, no. Tebow had purposefully wakled several yards downfield to get right into Harris's face before he did the Gator Chomp. He only started backing away when he was sure Harris had seen what he was doing. Last time I checked, getting in someone's face to taunt him, only to back away before he has a chance to respond, isn't "good."

Is this a big deal? No. Taunting goes on in every game. But it's absurd that the Fox announcers to respond to a player committing a penalty -- a stupid, unsportsmanlike penalty that stopped the clock just when the Gators were trying to run it out -- by showering praise upon him.

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