Baylor-Texas A&M 5-Overtime Highlight Video

Did you see last night's great Baylor-Texas A&M five-overtime thriller? Of course you didn't. It wasn't on TV. But thanks to the miracle of Internet video, you can see some highlights here:

The game was streamed online via the official Texas A&M web site, and those ESPN highlights come from that video stream. Better than nothing, I guess. But not much better.

It's a shame that more people didn't see it, because Baylor has turned into the best story in college basketball. Five years removed from one of the most appalling scandals in the history of college sports, Baylor is 16-2, 4-0 in the Big 12 and ranked for the first time since 1969. And maybe you'll even get to see them on TV some time this year.

Video via Ballhype.

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