And You Thought Playing Basketball Games in Football Stadiums Was Just for the Final Four

Look Mr. Jones, I know you've spent a lot of, uh, other peoples' money on a new football stadium in Arlington. I know you want to put as many extra events in there as possible to help justify the $1.1 billion price tag. Of course, it would help in showing the NCAA that the stadium could eventually host a Final Four. And yes, this game would generate a lot of interest.

Officials from Texas and North Carolina are in serious discussions with the Cowboys for a game that would pit the two national powers early next season at the new stadium, according to Texas athletic department sources.

That said, Texas-North Carolina is still just a really good non-con game. It is not an occurrence that justifies trying to fill a football stadium. Caveat emptor aside, selling people tickets to a game that they will have trouble seeing because of the distance from the court is not a good idea. It only diminishes the atmosphere that makes big college basketball games special.

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