A Boring Tournament Weekend

The way the games have been this weekend, there better be a heck of a pay-off next Saturday with (likely) all the top teams facing each other. Right now, it hardly seems worth it.

There have been moments this weekend where the games have gotten good -- Louisville tying UNC in the second half and Stanford's nice run at Texas come to mind -- but the overall games have hardly been riveting. Instead I find myself grateful for the bourbon by my laptop, then the games themselves. Wait, that came out wrong.

Right now Memphis is controlling the game against Texas, as they lead 39-28 at the half. The game started with promise, but now has the feel of the Louisville-UNC game from last night. One team dictating tempo, style and ultimately in control, no matter the score.

I am just hoping Davidson can continue to shock. Who knows? After all, Gus Johnson will be calling the Davidson-Kansas game.

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