2008 Year in Review Video Highlights Memorable Plays … And NFL Hypocrisy

Over at NFL.com, the league unveiled its Year in Review video highlighting the ups and downs of 2008. The YouTube of it is above, and it is pretty well done.

Not only does it contain good and bad plays, but also briefly focuses on some of the bigger stories, such as Tom Brady's knee, Plaxico Burress' troubles, Vince Young exiting as the Titans starting quarterback, and the implosion of the Dallas Cowboys.

One thing I found curious about the video is that it continues the trend of the NFL using fined behavior to promote their product on the field.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't want players doing excessive celebrations. Players get absurdly high fines for putting the fun in the No Fun League.

Yet, when you watch this video, at least two players who got celebration fines this year had their fined behavior spotlighted: Chris Johnson with the bongo drum celebration and Wes Welker making a snow angel.

Anyone who watched the NFL Network promote the upcoming season with their mind-numblingly repetitive commercials, likely saw the Terrell Owens "Get Yer Popcorn" moment celebrated over and over again.

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So what sort of message does this send to the players? If you want to get noticed and promoted, do silly funny little things to get fined. Something that makes a good visual. Then Roger Goodell will fine you and then his league will use these fined transgressions to promote its product, and you will get publicity for the price of a donation to charity.

It's a fine and a wink.

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