Elliott Says Cowboys Will Remain Desperate and Long-Sleeved

Ezekiel Elliott has touched the football 90 times in the Cowboys last three games, so he was grateful for an extended break between Dallas' last game Thursday against the Saints and Sunday against the Eagles.

"It was great to get that going into this last stretch of the season," Elliott said.

The bruising running back has been a big part of the Cowboys' four-game winning streak with his play on the field, but also leading the Cowboys' recent attitude of desperation. And Dallas' more intense mentality will not be going away any time soon, according to Elliott.

"We're in the same position we were in when we were 3-5," Elliott said. "We need to go out here and win the rest of these ballgames so we can have a chance to make a run in the playoffs."

Since the Cowboys' victory over the Eagles that launched this run of wins, Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott have both decided to wear long-sleeved shirts under their uniforms, something Elliott sees as a sort of good luck charm the duo won't be changing any time soon.

"Me and Dak needed to get something going," Elliott said of the decision to sport the new look. "That was the start of this win streak, so hopefully you'll be seeing long sleeves the rest of this season."

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