Drew Pearson Saves the Lombardi Trophy

Call it "Hail Mary" Part II, when the Original No. 88 saves the trophy from damage

The arrival of the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the NFL Experience in Dallas wasn't without a little scare.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson was hand-delivering the trophy when the escalator suddenly stopped on the ride up, pitching Pearson, who had to save the $25,000 trophy.

Video shows the escalator suddenly stopping and Pearson holding the trophy up with his right hand and bracing himself with his left.

"It's in good hands," he said after the incident. "This is why they picked me, because they know I'm not going to drop this baby."

The trophy didn't show any signs of damage and neither did Pearson. Is it "Hail Mary" part two? We think so!

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