Dirk Expected to Start Legendary 21st Season With Mavs Thursday in Phoenix

Today is the day Mavs fans have been waiting for -- Dirk Nowiztki will officially begin his record-breaking 21st season with the team.

The big German has been recovering from an ankle surgery he underwent last spring. His first start of the 2018 season, will be Thursday against the Phoenix Suns.

When he steps on the court off the bench, he'll own the league record for the longest career with one team.

The Mavs, led by rookie Luka Doncic, are on a bit of a hot streak having won their 11th straight at home Wednesday against the Hawks. Doncic scored 24 while racking up 10 rebounds and six assists.

The Mavs and Suns tip off at 9:30 p.m. CT.

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