Dez Bryant to NFL: Put Me on the New Catch Committee

Roger Goodell has said he'll form a committee to review the league's catch rules this offseason

The NFL still can’t seem to decide what a catch is, so commissioner Roger Goodell has said he’ll form a committee to take a long look at the issue this offseason.

Whether this will result in anything meaningful is debatable. This committee will presumably be made up of members of the Competition Committee, who already tried, unsuccessfully it seems, to clear up the catch rules last offseason.

In any case, Cowboys’ All-Pro receiver Dez Bryant, whose non-catch in Green Bay in the Divisional Round of the playoffs added a good deal of fuel to the fire that is this ongoing debate, thinks he could be a big help to the committee.

"That's cool!" Bryant told Jarrett Bell of USA Today, in response to the idea of a catch committee. "They need to invite me. Tell them they need to call me, so I can have my input.”

In the aforementioned playoff game, of course, Bryant seemingly caught a pass on a 4th-and-2 that would have set the Cowboys up near the Packers’ goal line for a potential go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. But on review, they ruled he did not maintain control of the ball while going to the ground. Incomplete pass. Turnover on downs. Packers win, 26-21. Cowboys season over.

Bryant admits that it took a while to get over.

“That’s football,” Bryant said. “But I’ll tell you this: I dwelled on that (expletive) for about a good two months. It was hard for me to watch (the rest of) the playoffs, just because …"

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