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‘Dear Jerry Jones': Teen Cowboys Fan Suggested Hiring McCarthy as Coach — A Year Ago

Cristian Benavides wrote Jerry Jones an open letter in January 2018

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A 15-year-old Dallas Cowboys fan from Arlington wrote an open letter to owner Jerry Jones urging him to fire Coach Jason Garrett and hire Mike McCarthy. He penned the message a year ago.

Cristian Benavides said he’s a big Cowboys fan and grew frustrated with their late-season losses.

"Everyone kind of like hates losing,” Benavides said. “But I hate losing the most because I want more wins, less losses."

His letter, posted on Facebook in January 2019, was straight and to the point.

"Dear Jerry Jones,” the then 14-year-old wrote. “I know you want to keep Jason Garrett but we have been losing too many seasons. Jason Garrett is not making good plays and I’ve been thinking about a solution.”

The solution, he said, was simple.

"Mike McCarthy just got fired and I think he would be a good choice for us,” Benavides wrote. "From Cristian Benavidez. P.S. I am a big Dallas Cowboy's fan."

Benavides doesn't know if Jones ever saw his letter.

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"Maybe, maybe not,” he said.

But he thinks McCarthy is the perfect choice.

"He might make good plays. He's a hard worker out there and he makes good strategy on that play,” the teen said.

His new take on next season?

"They're just a good team but I believe that they need to sometimes get better a little bit,” he said.

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