D.C. Cowboys Fan Knocks Out Hater

The phrase Don't Mess With Texas could be amended to Don't Mess With Cowboys Fans after a  Washington D.C. man knocked out a pedestrian who dissed the 'Boys.

On a busy D.C. thoroughfare, a pedestrian grabbed a Cowboys flag off of a man's car and threw it to the ground Wednesday morning, according to D.C. police.

The Cowboys fan, obviously offended by such a gesture, got out of his car, followed the pedestrian to the sidewalk and issued a rebuttal in the form of a punch to the head.

With the hater temporarily relieved of his consciousness, the malcontented fan picked up his flag and left the scene, according to witnesses who spoke with the Washington Post.

The offender eventually woke up and was treated for a bruised forehead, D.C. police said.

After the swelling subsides, the likely Redskins fan may want to rethink drawing further fan ire when America's Team visits Washington on Dec. 27.

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